Hats, Handbags, & Heels Finale


I didn't get too fancy with my assembly.
I'm hoping you will impress me!

Can you tell I enjoyed playing with them?

Enlarge and find the set you received.

They were all fantastic--no "wrong" combinations--but oh...the decisions, girls!!

When you get your completed banner posted,

leave a comment and we will all come see!!


Cindy said...

This was fabulous fun! I enjoyed this very much and I am honored to have a banner now from each of you ladies. I love to look at them. Each woman has left the mark of her very own style on her creation. Please see my completed banner here HHHCompletedBanner. Thanks everyone especially you Lisa for hosting this event!

Linda said...

I really enjoyed this, my first swap ever! Lisa did a great job organizing it and everything ran smoothly. Thanks again, Lisa!

You can see the completed banner here and read some comments.

Cindy said...

I loved this swap and had a lot of fun with my pennants....now the bad news. I'm looking high and low for the cord I need to upload pictures from my camera online. So far, no luck. I haven't given up, just wanted to give an update!

Cindy said...

Finally, I have my banner posted on my webpage. It is cindy-cindy@50.blogspot.com. Hope you can find it OK.


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