4 x 4 Friday - "Shoes"

Oh boy! Shoes! Yesterday I tried on at least 47 pair of shoes, or so it seemed, and then I made this 4x4, and had fun doing both!
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Linda Jacobs said...

This is so light-hearted and happy! Those pink shoes make a wonderful focal point. And I like the way you made strips out of the music sheets. Fun!

Stempelchaotin said...

Wow this is wonderful.
Great idea. Love this 4 x 4.

kim aka imagesbykim said...

Hi Lisa,

Thanks for stopping by my blog and for your lovely comments.

I love shoes! and those red ones are to die for!!

I also love the art piece further down called time passes. Ohh lately can I relate!

fairenuff said...

You know I am a sucker for anything involving music or dance. I love this one (and your seaside one. Me + seaside = happy)

Ginger said...

Gorgeous love your shoes ! Great job my friend!


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