R & R inspired layouts

Here it is almost to another weekend and I still have pages to show you from last weekend!

This one practically assembled itself on the page. Kristin pointed out the picture of the woman and said, "Use her on a page." So I did!

(Heather, when I was working with the autumnal colors I couldn't help thinking of you! :) )

I suppose this page evolved because of the shopping on my mind. I wanted to do a black and white layout and these pictures went together so well. I like that there are 4 different eras of fashion depicted.
I know you are just holding your breath until the next installment. Stay tuned....I believe there are still two more in this 'weekender' series. Aren't you excited??!


Nigel's Mom said...

I am really glad we do not have to wear those corsets anymore! I love the lady in the long gown.

Linda said...

Wow, you've been busy! I love these pages! Kristin was right!

I like how you used pages for the flowers. too!

Linda Manning Findley said...

Love these pages ...... I use that same lady lots I thinks she is great .... Linda F

Linda Jacobs said...

Yes, I always enlarge your pictures to see the details! There are so many little surprises that way!

My natural tendency is to do organized pages with everything squared and have to work at putting things at angles. I really like the angled pages better but always feel a little flutter in my chest when I do them!

cmoh said...

How wonderful and graceful, you really did a fantastic job. I really like the top image but the black and white seems so fitting also.


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