Happy Thoughts

Does this ever happen to you:

Begin working on the background......going according to 'plan'......add an element, color, stamp.....oops, not so good.......regroup, scrap the 'plan' and just go with it.

That's what happened with this layout. But if I don't tell you, you would never know what the 'oops' was. And I'm not telling! ;)

And the amazing thing is, whenever this happens, the piece turns out just a good or better than I had imagined. There is no wrong when it comes to altering.

Whatsoever things are true
Whatsoever things are noble,
Whatsoever things are just,
Whatsoever things are pure,
Whatsoever things are lovely,
Whatsoever things are of good report,
If there is any virture
And if there is anything praiseworthy,
Meditate on these things.
Phillipians 4:8


Amy said...

Mimi - I love that post! It great! I hoped you would make a post like that. You are right about thinking happy thoughts.
(dictated to Mama) ;)

daisy said...

Love the vibrant colours on these pages. Wonderful verse as well :o)

Linda said...

This is really gorgeous! Just this week I tried using bubble wrap on a background for the first time. It came out okay but not as vibrant as yours.

I love how you cut the butterflies out of book pages!

Yes, I needed something small for that space in my journal and your card was the perfect color but too big so I copied it at quarter scale and it fit just right. Thanks, again!


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