Little girls and little boys

**Updated** Little Men has been spoken for and is no longer available.

ATCs are just plain fun!
I love making them.
I have also discovered that I love collecting them.
If you would like to trade for one or two or three of these, let me know.


Tammy said...

I spent some time last year making some ATCs. I'll have to dig through my art files to see if I can find them. Yours are absolutely fantastic! But then again, all your work is. =)

Anonymous said...

A couple of my girls do things like this and are always trading with people. I will have to tell them about your blog.

Linda Jacobs said...

It's amazing how you can put these things together so quickly! I agonize over everything!

Really cute!

Lynn said...

They are all sooooooo sweet, love to use vintage girls in my work too :)


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