Birds of a feather

Birds are such happy little creatures.  I enjoy collecting images of them to use in my art.  

These are a couple of ATCs I put up for trade at an online forum I recently joined.  I am really having a good time over there, thanks to 'the other Lisa', the one who showed me the way.  ;)

I was so excited yesterday to have been asked to trade this fairy card twice!  I made a deal with the second trader for a print instead.  

The next thing I did was start making more ATCs.  "Can't trade 'em, if you don't make 'em" is what I  always say  just thought up.


Tammy said...

Those ATCs are SO pretty! You've inspired me. I haven't done ATCs in ages and since I'll be traveling, it seems like a wonderful project for me to do on the train. I'll be able to make some art for my loved ones! I'm breaking out the papercutter and cutting some papers down to size! I ADORE the ATC you sent me. It's right by my side as I type!

Nigel's Mom said...

I love the ATC in the round robin package too. I put mine up in my craft room. I may try my hand at it one of these days when I have time. Do you have a bird? I have been thinking about getting one but am sort of afraid it might cause trouble.

Linda Jacobs said...

Such happy looking ATCs! Birds are so symbolic.

We had a cockateil at one time named Flip (Flip the Bird!) and he was quite the character but messy!

Kathy said...

Love the birds, mental note, must create more with birds.


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