From birds to butterflies

My R&R didn't produce as many projects as I had anticipated. It finally dawned on me after a couple of days that it was because, even though I had the essential supplies with me, they were out of their usual position in relation to the work area. Creating involved too much hunting. I finally broke loose when I had rummaged through my stuff enough to make a mess of it. At least I knew where everything was and it was in easy reach.

Do you find that you are a creature of habit when it comes to your artwork? Not to be confused with tidiness--I craft like a nest-building bird on steroids. I seem to cross over from 'muse' to 'mess'. But even with that, the paints are here, the brushes sit there, stamps in these drawers, ink pad in this basket. Oh, I often lose something that was just in my hands, but it usually turns up when I ruffle a few feathers.

There comes a time when the piles are just too chaotic and I have to clear the table and start over. But come to think of it, it usually takes a few sessions of hen scratching to rebuild my nest and get back to some serious making.

So is that a sign of creative madness or just a disturbed mind?

I think on our next trip, I will just toss my supplies in the air and see what happens. (As I ponder with a giddy glimmer in my eyes.)


Cindy said...

I know exactly what you mean. When I am making something, I use a form of "ordered chaos". I put things in piles so I can rummage through them but they are in "orderly piles". However, this process would probably not appear to be too "orderly" to the casual observer.

Linda Jacobs said...

I've pretty much given up trying to craft when I'm away. At least you managed.

At home, I'm quite messy but everything has its place so I know what you mean.

Love those striped legs on the butterfly!

Tammy said...

Lisa, that is EXACTLY how I create too! As I type, I'm ready to hose off my desk and get it ready for finishing us a painting I've decided to call "Cherry Blossoms.

We create in an organized chaos kind of way!

Anonymous said...

Creative madness...disturbed mind - I'm sensing a trend here. One that I can relate to.

Hey, thanks for the vote over on Mind Wide Open; that was really nice!

LOVE your baby butterfly.

Cindy said...

Hey, puddin'. Nigel wants to see something new here. K?


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