Sunday Night Fever--ah, ah, ah, ah, Stayin' Alive

The other half of that book cover was just taunting me, so I had to go ahead and do it to get it to leave me alone.

This piece I did for an art group I belong to. The theme was "What were you singing in the 70's?"

The 70's songs are where I shine, baby! I could do a whole book on them, so picking just one was hard.

The Eagles are always a good choice. I finally decided on
"Best of My Love" - 1975.

What is so fun about working on a music piece is that I find myself singing it the whole time I'm working on it. And usually for three days afterward. And then every time I see the artwork.

I about went crazy with this one and this one. Just linking to them will get me started again!

I found this couple in living color and 'retroed' them up a bit in Photoshop. After that, monochromatic seemed the way to proceed. All the flowers are handmade from some favorite paper.

I'm going to go polish up the ol' dicso ball now , put on my Boogie Shoes and get down to some BeeGees!


Cindy said...

The flowers and grass make me think of a field of flowers. Love the butterfly too.

Mary said...

This is wonderful - love the flowers too

Linda Jacobs said...

I love the monochromatic color scheme! It gives all aspects of the "page" equal focus. And I like the balance of the printed snippet on the right.

Kristin said...

Hehehe. I love this. And I looove the flowers.


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