Labor of Love

or: How I spent my Labor Day weekend

(Edited 11-18-09, for Blog Party)
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Roadkill Rescue fans!!
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It all started Wednesday when I took a slightly different route to work. Something near the curb caught my eye. You may or may not find this hard to believe, but this little treasure was laying in two pieces in a trash heap.

I didn't even recognize what it was for sure, as I had only seen the top portion, so I asked my husband go check on it. He saw the second piece and knew immediately what we had stumbled upon. He inquired, learned it was destined for the dump and asked if he could have it before loading it up.

I spent the greater parts of Saturday, Sunday and Monday working on it.
A mere $60 and three days later, here is my new pride and joy:

circa 1930 Hoosier-style cabinet

It may be a Hoosier, Sellers, Wilson, or McDougall,
but now it's mine and I love it!!


Cindy said...

Wow, you have yourself a nice baking center there. Is that a flower bin that I can see inside one of those doors? Very cool!

Linda Jacobs said...

We have a Hoosier, too! I'll put a picture of it on Netchix.

Lucky you! Quite the find and I love how you painted it!

Cindy said...

Er..uh...make that flour bin. One sure couldn't tell I had ever spent one day in school from my poor grammer skills.

Robin said...

WOW! What a fabulous find! You did a wonderful job of fixing it up and it looks absolutely beautiful.

RubyMay said...

wow...how beautiful.You've transformed it into a lovely piece.
You have also inspired me to "have a go" at a lovely old sewing cabinet my friend has given me !

Jane Doe said...

That's great! It's amazing the things people throw away sometimes.

Lynn said...

Wow, good for you and look at the end results they are amazing :) I know it's a lot of work too.

Infarrantly Creative said...

What a find! I LOVES IT. Great job. You made it yours and it looks fabulous. It should be your pride and joy. UH-MAZING

Polly said...

Wow! Awesome!!

Heidi Pocketbook said...

Great find and a great job refinishing it. Lucky girl!


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