Almost a tutorial

I just love tutorials. Step-by-step photos, You-tube video, you name it, I love them.
I however don't do them. There are several reasons for this:

1. I usually have no idea what I'm going to do when I start.

2. I rarely ever do the same thing twice.

3. I forget to take pictures of the process along the way

4. I have no idea how to do a video.

5. Even if I did #1, #2, #3, or #4, my methods are so unorthodox, nobody would be interested. (unless to laugh and point!)

Besides, I prefer to just amaze and astound with my sheer wizardy!

(As in bumbling and thumping behind the curtain, crash, rattle, a puff of smoke, and viola!)

In my quest for knowledge, my thirst for tutorials, I found another interesting background idea here. (In case you want a real tutorial.)

It was kind of like going through a cookbook for a new recipe and discovering you have everything in your pantry.

I had all the materials for this project.

I even thought to take a picture of the backgrounds before I embellished them.

Here they are completed. I guess this is more of a before & after rather than a tutorial, but hey--I like those too! It's a start!


Cindy said...

I just love those backgrounds! That looks like something that I would like to do...I mean, that Nige would like to do. We do not do any tutorials either because Nigel is camera shy. ;) But we love to watch them!

Tammy said...

What gorgeous backgrounds! And thanks for sharing the tutorial! I'm like you, I never know what's gonna happen when I sit down to create. I love your color choices too it's just to hard to pick a favorite! Beautiful work. =)


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