My sub-conscious artist, or Serendipity

After more analysis, I have concluded I am not entirely comfortable with the idea of a tutorial, yet I want to venture beyond just posting a finished product every single time. The 'before and after' post was a feeble attempt, but not quite satisfactory.

When I got out my old friend, my altered book, is when the step-by-step concept appeared in a little light bulb over my head. So for your viewing pleasure, I will take you through a bit of what goes on behind the curtain.

A new page is so fresh, inviting, and full of promise.

Without having to make many decisions yet,
preparing the surface with gesso is a good first step.

Next, I flipped through some graphics
until I found something that spoke to me.
I have passed over this little girl many times,
but today was the day I plucked her from my file.

Knowing what the focal point would be, I then chose first a background color scheme and the background medium. I decided on chalks because they would not have to dry. Drawing from the picture of the girl, I used three shades of blue, blending from light to dark from the center to the edges.

A few spritz from the mister add texture and contrast.

Circle stamps in blue and silver go on the pages next.

Just for fun, I added some egg shell scraps
still on my work table from a previous project.
A quote...........I needed a quote.......ah ha! There was one
I had scribbled on a post-it note weeks ago
stuck right a eye-level, forgotten until now.

The quote printed with colored pencil directly onto the page.

Okay, now here's the good part......
.........the serendipity...........
even tho' the verse is from the little girl's perspective,
it would seem logical that a flying creature of some sort
would be a literal depiction of the analogy, right?

A butterfly? Dragonfly? A bird!

A young bird near the remains of her newly hatched egg,
A young bird with wings, but still earth-bound..........
Folks, sometimes I amaze even myself!!

A few more details and.........


Robin said...

Oh Lisa, I love your serendipity here! Your spread is gorgeous and thanks so much for the tutorial on it! Happy Halloween!!

Artyfax said...

thanks for taking us thru this, I often find it difficult to see how a final product has been arrived at.

BTW, This is a great journal page

Linda Jacobs said...

Thanks for the tutorial! Seeing the transformation is so cool. And the bird next to the egg shells? Fantastic! I like all the little details you added, too!

Cindy said...

Serendipity or kismet? That is the age old question. Regardless of the answer, I love this piece. I love the blue, I love the bird, I love the tutorial. More tutorials, please!

Tammy said...

I love this! I love your use of eggshells! (I have some in a ziploc that were left over from easter.) Now I'm inspired. I like how you gave a "tutorial" of how you did this. =)


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