Playing with paper

You never would have guessed, but I enjoy playing with paper.  I like the patterns, the colors, the textures.  Months ago I saw this interesting technique that I had to try.  I cannot tell you where I saw it, nor can I tell you what it is called.  I found my first--and so far, my favorite--attempt in a folder the other day.  It made me want to do some more.  I decided to share with you how I did it.

This is the first one I did way back when, so I don't have the original image:

Step #1:  Choose a magazine picture that has nice contrast in color and shapes.

Step #2:  With an X-acto, cut the picture into equal (or non-equal) strips.

Step #3: Move the first strip on the left all the way to the right.
 This strip will now become the last piece of the new picture.

Step #4:  Move the strip that is now the first one on the left
to become the next-to-last strip of the new picture.

Continue moving strips from the left edge of the
original picture to the left edge of the new picture.

When all are moved, it will create a very interesting fractured picture.
To complete: attach the strips to paper or cardstock with a gluestick.

Never one to leave well enough alone, I thought the next ones I did were a little too predictable, so I deviated from the formula and really mixed them up, alternating the sequence and the tops and bottoms of the strips.

I like how these turned out too.

Give this little exercise a try.  If the first rearrangement isn't as pleasing as you'd like, turn them every-which-way until you get something that floats your boat--or churns your butter.

Now, do you have any awesome ideas as to what to do with these little pretties?


Amy said...

When I was up in the wee hours of this morning I looked at the window panes in my french door and thought about this post. I wondered if cutting a picture into a grid/squares like that door would have as interesting effect as the strips? Worth trying, I guess!

Kristin said...

This is too neat! I hope I get some crafty time in with you over the break!

Linda Jacobs said...

I love this idea and think it would make a cool background for my journal pages. Look for it soon!


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