Little bits

There is a certain satisfaction in using odds and ends as a 'canvas'. 
 There two little bits were done on 5x5x1 blocks of styrofoam.  
Using Mod Podge, I wrapped each piece of packing material with scrapbook paper.
Then I just embellished as I would any other piece,
 be it wood, cardboard, book, or even......canvas!

They make interesting pieces because they are sturdy but light.
I think they will look cute tucked into a shelf or cranny.

*These are Part 2 of last week's 4-Project Challenge.


Cindy said...

I think these would be especially cute tucked inside a small book case; one sitting on a shelf below the other and on opposite ends of each shelf.

Kristin said...

These are very cute. :)

Linda Jacobs said...

I love how you are always trying new things. These are really cute!

Marilyn Rock said...

These are so charming; I love them.

Tammy said...

I love using unusual and "non-art" supplies in a surprising way. It's pushing the envelope and challenging yourself to step outside the box and get out of your comfort zone. There truly is no "junk" .... everything can be turned from trash to treasure.


Sheri said...

I love these! I can see the "Children Fill Your Heart" as a photograph album. Wonderful work!


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