While the lack of blogging may indicate otherwise, I have been busy.

I got myself involved in a little challenge last week that required me to produce four (4), yes FOUR (cuatro) non-digital art pieces.

I did it!  I met the challenge!

Here is Numero uno:

My pattern was a "C" in Times New Roman font, printed in outline, then enlarged on a copier to a 14"x17" piece of paper.  Using that template, I whipped out 4 cardboard C's with my handy dandy X-acto.
All 4 pieces were glued together, wrapped in bits of music, thoroughly sealed with Mod Podge, and antiqued along the edges.

Appropriately enough, I hung in over my piano.

I should have waited to take the picture in natural light, 
but I'm not always very patient.
So, as an added bonus, you can squint as you twist your head and make out the shadow of the chandelier on the wall.   Just a little hidden treasure for you amusement.  Totally planned it.  


Amy said...

I KNOW what that shadow is and yet I SO squinted and twisted my head just because you said so!

Love the 'C', by the way! ;)

Cindy said...

I SO love this idea! That is a great idea for any template not just an initial.I could do my fave shape 'heart' like that or 'fleur de lis' would be pretty too. That is something to think about.

Marilyn Rock said...

This is so clever! Love the C :)


Tammy said...

Rofl at the shadowing images of the chandelier. I love how your plan things to perfection. Even though you made a C, I give you an A+ for such an awesome creation and such wonderful photographic skills!

Keep up the awesomeness!


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