Wee Little Mini

Have I mentioned before about what happens to my altered books
and other melange from my art table?

A box.

90% of it goes into a box.

Sad, isn't it?

Recently, I assembled some of my favorites to fill a display case at work.

We have a lovely glass enclosed case in which we feature
rotating displays.

There have been a variety of displays throughout the years.
Usually collections.
Nativity sets from around the world, vintage valentines, paperweights,
African artifacts, pottery, Lladro, and many holiday themes.
I could go on and on....

With some trepidation, I decided I was ready to show the world my artwork 
and took the plunge.

I must say, I was pleased with the reception.  

The display brought this art form to the attention of a lot of people.
I received many nice compliments.
I enjoyed answering questions about my art.
Some even expressed interest in trying it themselves and inquired about classes.

In its own little way, I believe I can say my first (and only)
 'art show' was a success.

Time to make some more!


Kristin said...

Yay! I know I loved looking it over every time I was in the library.

Cindy said...

Awe, beautiful! I love it. How on earth did you ever decide which pages to show? I even see your Round Robin book in there.

Linda Jacobs said...

Excellent idea! It wouldn't surprise me if you didn't inspire some people to begin their own mixed media art!

I often take my stuff to school and my kids love looking at it.


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