More Gardening

This is our corn just a few weeks ago on May 28th:

Ka-boom!  This is our corn yesterday!

"The corn is as high as an elephant's eye"

If that's the case, then an elephant's eye in our field 
would be about 11 feet up there!

These Blue Lake beans were planted on April 17th:

These beans were picked yesterday.......

.......and they were consumed today!


Cindy said...

What a beautiful garden! I love growing things. It is very, very good when you can eat what you grow!

Linda Jacobs said...

You are so lucky to have such a long growing season! The corn up here is about as high as a squirrel's eye!

Those beans look so yummy!

Lisa said...

Oh, Linda--the squirrel's eye cracked me up!! :)

Tereza Crump aka MyTreasuredCreations said...

oh, lisa thanks for stopping by my blog. and yes, I have been busy and I am not gardening. love the freshness of home grown vegetables!! :) yumm-O

Amy said...

Hahaha! 'A squirrels eye...' I love it!

Dale looks so tiny in the middle of the garden. (And in case anyone was wondering, those beans were deeelicious!) :)

Sheri said...

I have been way behind on your blog. Where in the world is this garden?? Wish I had one like it.


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