So you can sleep tonight

I know the wonder and curiosity have been keeping you up at night.   So without further delay, I will reveal what I intentionally incorporated into each page of my house book, as promised in my last post.

My  home represents Life and Light, both in the literal sense and the spiritual sense.  In my house book, I included a light source and a living thing on each page to convey that warmth and love.  Quite serendipitously, each page but the last 2 also have a chair.  To me that denotes comfort.

I loved your interpretations, as always.  I may even do another similar book and use actual elements from my own home as Linda guessed in the comments.  Great idea!

Here's a little somethin-somethin for eye candy, because an art blog without pictures is like a sundae without the cherry.  A taco without the cheese.   Bacon without the eggs.   Salt without pepper.  (Can you tell it's lunchtime around here?)
A gluebook page

I'm off to make a sandwich....or a taco....or some eggs......


Linda Jacobs said...

Very poetic undertones to your house! Love it.

Great map background and I really like those value stamps!

I'm so anxious to get back to doing my journal. In a couple weeks, hopefully.

Cindy said...

So the light connotes warmth and the living thing connotes love...I am going back to review the book with that in mind. I def know that baby Blaine look-a-like connotes love to me!


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