The Beauty of Age

 This layout just fell into place and was so much fun to do.

The background is from an old Harlequin romance paperback.
The color was perfect!  I did nothing to it.
You can't create aged paper like that.
It just takes time.

That is the same truth that applies to the natural 
beauty of age--be it paper, heirlooms or people.

Age is a wonderful thing.
A true blessing.
Embrace it.


bois-fleurie said...

Lovely lovely pages.

Cindy said...

So very true. If I could trade to have my young self back again but lose everything I have learned since, I would not trade. I earned these wrinkles, therefore, I embrace them.

Linda Jacobs said...

We were talking about this in one of my classes last week. One boy said that he never wants to be old and when he notices that he's getting up there, he's just going to quit. I told him that I'm loving this age and no way would I not want to be here enjoying this part of my life.

I love this these pages! But I'm betting my teenagers just wouldn't get them!

Sheri said...

I wouldn't go back and be young again--even though I wish my body would listen to my mind (that I am still young!) :)


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