We're all family here

Amy and I got together at my house for some crafting this weekend.
Some of it involved a glue gun--a very hot one.  'Nuff said.
Our project also involved my sewing machine.  
As Amy sits down at it and gives it a once-over,comparing the
 similarities and difference of our machines,
  she ponders out loud:
"I think our machines might be cousins."

To which I reply:
"No, they're Brothers!"

(hee hee)

In other news.....
Due to copious amounts of these ice-rocks
 falling from the sky at 100 mph............

.............I am now driving something different.
I only mention this because it was pointed out to me
that my online persona and my vehicle
have something in common.

Ahh, serendipity.
I had no idea.  Pretty cool, huh?


Cindy said...

Now that is perfect! Good thing I didn't get any hail damage on my car because I like to keep a car for 30 or 40 years or until they wear out. ;) Plus, I might have trouble finding one named a "Nigel" or a "Mom".

Linda Jacobs said...

My goodness, you've really had crazy weather down there this spring! I've never seen hail that huge! Once in a while we get pea-sized nuggets but never that big.


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