Just some mindless doodling.

I am so afraid of anything that comes off the end of my pencils.

But I just let go and messed around with them.

Now I'm posting them up here, because I'm 

sure the world wants to know.

Gotta go, some sarcasm just dripped on my keyboard.


Kristin said...

I wanted to know. :)

Betsy said...

You did this even as a child. I would find some of the most unusual doodling you had done while talking on the phone. Mom

Linda Jacobs said...

Love that last line. Very poetic! And a pretty doodle!

Linda Jacobs said...

Oh, and I like the new look to your blog! Very spring-like!

Cindy said...

I love the doodling! It is very good. I am afraid of making altered pages because well, honestly, I am not very good at it but I actually am not afraid of doodling. I have more confidence in that than creating an entire page. I too love the new summer design of your blog. I think I may try to make some PSE brushes today!


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