Come together

There has been a project waiting in the wings at our house for several months now.
We have a little dinette set that has been around for a few years. 
Even though a couple of the chairs are no longer with us, I was reluctant to part with the sweet little table and remaining chairs.  

The wonderful world of blogging opened up the beauty of painted furniture.  After getting my feet wet with a few miscellaneous pieces, I picked out my next project: the dwindling dinette set.  

All this could not have been accomplished without a lot of hard work by my husband.  Thanks, Bobby!

I mentioned there was more to come about these chairs in my last post.
They collected with a purpose.

A motley crew

Chairs in waiting

The lineup

A "matched" set

Mission accomplished


Amy said...

Love, love, love your painted set. In person, on the blog... it's so crisp and breezy to look at... and sit at! :)

Cindy said...

I have a project EXACTLY like that one waiting in the wings too!! It is just too hot right now for me to venture into it. Mine won't be white though.

Cindy said...

OH, and I forgot to mention, I really like the title of this post!!;)

Linda Jacobs said...

The white is so fresh and summery! Love it!


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