Have a seat

There is something about chairs that appeal to me.
Big ones, little ones, and especially old ones.

My grandmother's rocker c.1940

My baby rocker c. 1979

Even if they aren't  mine.
A make-over for the library

A make-over for Kristin

They even frequently find their way into my art.

A page from my House book

Here is a sample of  the many minis I've collected along the way:

And here are some life-size ones I've been collecting:

These were gathered for a special purpose:
More on these later

A really cool chair, even it she's tattered and torn
 is hard to resist. 
You can be sure there is always a seat -or 10- available
 at my house!

What fun and interesting collections do you have?


Cindy said...

I have a similar fascination except it is with lighting. I can look at light fixtures for hours on end. I have to leave my mark on every room by installing its own unique, unusual light fixture. I completely understand your chair fascination!

Linda Jacobs said...

For me it's poetry books. Gary took over 200 to Florida when he took all our stuff down in March. When he told me he'd put them all in the bookcase, I asked him if they were in alphabetical order! Sadly, no!


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