Recipe for success

Take one solid wood desk, well used.
Sand remains of stickers and a few screwdriver 
marks off the top surface.

Paint in the carport on the first below 100 degree day
you have in 6 weeks.

Freshen hardware with 
brushed nickel spray paint.

Move into newly painted pink nursery.

We are now minus 30 days and counting on
Operation Granddaughter!


Kristin said...

I love it! I can't wait to see the rest of the nursery!

Betsy said...

Best blog ever. (No doubt it has to do with the subject matter.) ;)

Cindy said...

Beautiful desk!

Linda Jacobs said...

Great job! So exciting! Can't wait to find out what her name will be!

Linda Jacobs said...

Just noticed the comment you made about my sunrise pictures. Thanks for your kind words!


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