Blessings of Children

Thirty-two years ago today, I was a blessed woman holding my first beautiful baby daughter in my arms.

Amy Lynne & Mama

 Thirty-two years later, she continues to bless me with my first beautiful granddaughter.

Brooklyn Fayth, Mama, & Mimi

to be continued.........

Happy Birthday, Amy!


Kristin said...

This is too adorable! I love this! All of this!
Happy Birthday, Amy!

Amy said...

Awww!! What a sweet post! I love it! Thank you! And thank you for such a special day! :)

Cindy said...

How very beautiful! I love the pix of you holding Amy! It reminds me of someone I knew 32 years ago.

Linda Jacobs said...

What beautiful pictures! That first one is so sweet and I love the family portrait. Amazing that you got those boys all looking great! Couldn't have been easy. And the three generations photo is wonderful. Can't wait for the continuation!


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