Edible art

Here is  an art form you can really sink your teeth into. (Did I really say that--how lame!)

I found it on this new blog called

The Georgia O'-Keeffe sandwich

I'll be checking back in with this blog, because this sounds like just the medium I need to be investigating these days-low commitment.  

My art projects have been pretty few and far between lately.

Now run along and see the rest of the art sandwiches. Hover over each image to see which artist it represents

Then come back and tell me if they made you hungry too!

Do you prefer mustard or mayo? both? neither?


Linda Jacobs said...

Pretty cool! Food? I'm there! And I'm a mayo girl. The more the merrier.

Sheri said...

How clever! Mmm, delicious!
I like both mayo and mustard--just not on the same sandwich.

Cindy said...

Interesting art. The only projects I have been able to accomplish lately are ones I can use around the house. I actually prefer neither mayo/mustard. When I eat sandwiches, I prefer them dry.


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