Chasing the sunset

Why I need a zoom lens

While out camping this week Bobby pointed to the west and gestured for me to grab my camera.

The sun was a blazing red ball of fire falling through the trees.

As I headed toward the bank of the lake for a clear shot, the sun raced me.

 The closer I got to the clearing, the faster it sank.

The buttery ball was disappearing before my eyes.

I never got the 'money shot'.

I breathlessly stopped my pursuit as it slipped from view. 

I will be after you again, Mr Sun.  Me and my zoom lens!


Kristin said...

How beautiful! I see a zoom lens in your future! I am so glad you guys got to enjoy some time out camping. I know you had a great time.

Betsy said...

I didn't know if she was chasing a herd of deer, a bear, or the sun. I finally decided it was the sun. Wish I'd had my camera with me to photograph her running in hot pursuit through the trees. Now that would have been some real action shots. Betsy

Amy said...

I smiled the whole way through this post, and then laughed my way through Nana's comment! Love them both! :)

(and even without the 'money shot' the pics are pretty!)


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