Change is all around us. Most of it we can't control. Some we can. I have had a lot of both in my life lately and I'm learning to embrace it. As my life is taking a new direction I decided it was time to take the blog down a new path as well. I will be posting a travel journal of sorts to document our simple journeys and I would love to share it with you. Welcome!


Fall arrived while I was away

I had the pleasure of doing a photo shoot down this little country road on Saturday.  

On the way home I took the time to snap some of the gorgeous fall scenery,

stopping the car in the middle of the road and jumping out to cross the ditches.

It was worth it, don't you think?


Amy said...

I love fall, and love your pics of it! But did you *really* leave your car in the middle of the road? ;)

Lisa said...

Ha! I *really* did! Right in the middle! It was not a very wide road. And not a lot of traffic whizzing by either. ;) And.....I didn't even buckle my seat belt until I got to the highway!!

Kristin said...

What a reckless woman! ;) Love the beautiful pictures!

Cindy said...

I would say it was certainly worth it. We do not have any changing trees here yet...still summer. :-\

Linda Jacobs said...

It looks like New England! Aren't doing those spontaneous things the best? Absolutely gorgeous! Oh, and I love the photo of Brooklyn in her black and white outfit on Amy's blog. So sweet!


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