Six degrees of separation......sort of

This week's job site was in Saginaw, Texas.  But our hotel was in Hurst.

Which was practically one block from Richland Hills. 

 Have you followed all that so far?  Stay with me. 

 These cities are suburbs of Fort Worth, which is right next to Arlington. 

Arlington is the home of the Texas Rangers.

We just happened to be here opening week.

Yes, we did!!  

Game 2 of the Season Opening Series!!

We decided to go spur of the moment and had not a speck of Ranger gear with us.
(They still let us in. )

The newly renamed Globe Life Park
(previously The Ballpark in Arlington)

In memory of Shannon Stone, who fell to his death at the park in 2011.

Manager Ron Washington arguing a call.

Using the new instant replay review.

Elvis Andrus stealing second.

Mitch Moreland at the plate.

Run Mitch!

RBI for Mitch

Walk off win!!

Celebrating on the field.

Rangers 3 - Phillies 2


Amy said...

Wow!!! Awesome baseball pics!

Kristin said...

So. Awesome! I am loving your new blogs!

Linda Jacobs said...

I felt like I was right there with you at the game! Glad they won....as long as they weren't playing the Red Sox. LOL!


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