The Color Orange

Orange, coral and cream is a favorite color combination. I like the warmth and the hints of sepia in these pages. The first one, "Happiness" uses a lot of torn pieces. Even the framed picture and two of the hearts are torn. A page with too many straight lines is boring--a little too "perfect". This page was mainly an exercise in color, texture and layering. In addition to magazine pictures, it contains mulberry paper, vellum, contac transfer and twine.

All the elements for this "Love Notes" page just seemed to fall together to tell the whole story.......
Who among us doesn't have a box of old love notes tucked away?

This romantic layout was built around the quote: "The fragrance always stays in the hand that gives the rose." There is a beautiful truth in that statement. The peach rose is so life-like, you can almost smell it. The photo doesn't show all the gold shimmery touches of ribbon and paint that add a lot of depth to the page. In my opinion, the finishing touch is the pic of the carved hand clutching the bouquet.

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