Round Robin, Part II

Several days under the shade trees was very inspirational for our round robin. We were quite a productive bunch. My eldest was really enjoying the challenges. Here are some of her creations.
“Create a collage representing the season in which you were born.”
“Create a collage using only items that represent living things.”
Quite a magical piece using random folders and random colors. “Create a collage that represents each of the five senses.” My youngest was on a working vacation, so she had less time at the craft table. Still she managed to create a couple of beauties. A color challenge: More samples of Mom’s work. She likes to work on her own, no challenges. I’m proud to say she is a glitterbug, just like me!
As for me, I did some work in my Celebrate the Seasons book that has layed idle for quite a while. It was nice to get back into it with a fresh eye. I will share some of my favorites later.

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Nona Parry said...

I ADORE the cat page: What part of meow...Wish I had done this one! It would go perfectly with my most recent post about Change :-)


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