In Which Life Imitates Art - In Which a Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

All of my masses of... dozens of... four readers are used to finding my latest altered book creations here at Simple Journeys. Maybe a collage. Maybe a how-to.

You know, how I take scraps, bits & pieces, what-have-you, and turn it into "art".

Well, Dear Reader, it seems that Miss Simple Journey cooks the way she collages.

Or rather, perhaps, the way she cooks is why she collages.

Behold, the latest "altered" project. A supreme example of how-not-to.



Those altered book skills come in real handy when you are a klutz in the kitchen.

My apologies to the birthday girl.

There is one consolation. The pumpkin raisin cake, Amy's Autumn Ambrosia, apparently tasted better than it looked because it is gone. All that remains are some lingering crumbs in the silverware drawer.


fairenuff said...

From one of your HUNDREDS of readers... you can bake me a cake anyday! It looks absolutely scrummy. Although I am not a fan of nuts and seeds (don't make the obvious comment please!) I could certainly manage a slice... erm lump?... of yours!

Amy D said...

Hilarious post, delicious cake! No apologies needed. ;)
It tasted every bit as good as it looked (in the 'after' picture, of course). :)
Thanks for the cake! :)

BT said...

Would a better name for this cake be "Earthquake cake"? And is that frosting or glue. The after picture doesn't even resemble the before.


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