Purple Love

The glue is literally still wet on this layout. My hands were restless and my mind needed occupying; this is the result. Creating something pretty really is good for what ails you. There may be a whole book full by tonight.


Linda said...

I'll have to show my sister-in-law this page. She's a purple nut! Even her living room is painted pale lavender!

Very pretty page with that feather and sheet music.

As far as the circles...I started counting but then just kept finding more! did you actually count them? ~Linda

Jacqueline's Craft Nest said...

This is a gorgeous collage - thanks for sharing!

stamp and scrape said...

I opened your blog and then got nabbed to test my son on his homework learning. What soothing music you've chosen - we've enjoyed it immensely.
Anyway - love this layout - so soft and pretty.

Kathy Maximo said...

I adore lavender! This is beautiful!!! Do you sell anywhere?


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