Tag! You're it!

Tags are a fun, quick way to use a few materials (tidbits and scraps, even) to whip out a little accent piece to be used now or later. They can be designed around a specific theme to help tell the story. Or, they can be stockpiled to later be incorporated into larger spread as an accent to tie it all together and add detail.
Tags are versatile little punches of color, texture, and detail. They are fun to work on when I have no particular direction in mind. Just quick little ditties when my fingers want to cut and paste, but my mind wants to wander. I have a box of them that I enjoy browsing through. They can even be the inspiration themselves!

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Patricia said...

Those are so lovely, Lisa. Thank you for your sweet email. God is so good to bring kindred spirits together across what ever miles may separate. I will be writing more about those things that tie our hearts together very soon. God has been incredibly faithful to reveal Himself to me in so many ways in this heartbroken season, and has given me a joy that I could not have imagined was possible even, and especially, a week ago. Be blessed and be a blessing, and if I don't "see" you before, I'll likely do so on the "hunt".


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