What is art if not an outlet of emotion?
I put my frustrations on paper today.


Linda said...

I'm such a fan of collage even though I'm not very good at it. All the elements really work together in this to make a statement! Even the look on Father Flannagan's face!

My husband decided to work today since it's supposed to storm Tues, and Wed. and Kylie is coming to visit so after he left this morning, I spent a couple hours working on my P banner. At first I was stumped about how to incorporate plaid into a spring saying, but I fiddled around for awhile and finally came up with something and had fun putting it together.

Hope the art helped!

Jacqueline's Craft Nest said...

I hope you felt better afterwards! I love collage too - love the burst of colour here!

Linda said...

Darn, back in the hospital for another biopsy. Well, it's nice and clear here, today, so, hopefully, my prayers will have a straight shot up to heaven!

vintage wil said...

Your work is absolutely


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