Spring Banner - Letter "P"

Spring Banner Week 2:
the "P" pennant
The challenge is to incorporate pattern
into your pennant, specifically

plaid, checked or argyle.

**The challenge for next week will be to incorporate round into your "R" pennant: polka dots/circles.**


Cindy said...

I am really enjoying this! My skills are lacking but I am making up for it in fun. Thanks for letting me join in.
My Argyle P Banner.

Anonymous said...

Lisa, your P-Pennant looks wonderful, I can smell the spring. Here's mine


Jacqueline's Craft Nest said...

This looks so warm and inviting! Love the green ribbon, such a special touch.
I will be adding mine soon.

Linda said...

Hi Lisa, What pretty accents you added to this banner! I love the texture of the butterfly. (Kylie was looking at it with me and she went gaga over the butterfly!) And that hand holding the sprout is so poetic; we all hold "spring" in our hands and can make it no matter what season it is!

I noticed your wispy flower stamp, too! You did really well with it!

Yes, most of my backgrounds are sponged acrylics. I just enjoy squirting a few colors onto a paper plate and going for it. The results are always a surprise and since I'm relatively new to this stuff, each day is an experiment.

Again, thanks for hosting this fun challenge; it has forced me to create more than I would otherwise.

I'll be back later when Kylie is napping to check out everyone else's.

P Pennant

Linda said...

Absolutely! I'm honored that you would want to add my haiku to your banner. Thank you!

Jacqueline's Craft Nest said...

Thank you Lisa.
Here are my little Spring houses R and I. Lovely to take part.

Cindy said...

I am learning so much from this banner challenge. From Barnie, I love the use of the lotus flowers on the corners. From Linda, I love the use of the thread and fabric to create dimension and make the little bird appear to stand out. Lisa’s is so well thought out with the symbolism of the new buds and new life for Spring. These completed banners are going to be so beautiful.


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