Spring Banner - Letter "S"

Spring Banner Week 1:
the "S" pennant

The challenge is to incorporate sparkly
into your pennant.

I hope you have better luck getting the sparkle to show up in your photo. Speaking from experience, I know it is much prettier in person.

Should you need some inspiration, be sure and see the slide show of all the beautiful Dream banners we did in January.

I hope you don't miss Mr. Linky this time. Just leave your perma-link in the comments.

**The challenge for next week will be to incorporate one of these patterns into your "P" pennant: plaid, checkerboard or argyle.**


Silvia said...

First. Here comes my:


Looking forward to all the other pennants.
Lisa, your pennant is fantastic.

Jacqueline's Craft Nest said...

Thanks for hosting again Lisa - couldn't resist te Spring theme! I've done it a bit differently hope that's o.k. Glad you and your family are home again!
ps - I love the first banner!

Jacqueline's Craft Nest said...

Whoops, I forgot the link and I meant that I loved YOUR first spring pennant!

Linda said...

Hi Lisa, Beautiful color for your banner! I like how it's matted. The dancing cherub looks so happy! The "S" tag sticking out is a cool idea and the background for it echoes the wings!

Here's mine if I can get this link to work. Keeping my fingers crossed!

S Banner

katrin said...

hi lisa! it's a wonderful idea. and cour S is gorgeous and looks verry like sping.

sorry - i can't play this time ... :-(

good luck and many fun with this challenge!!!

see you

Cindy said...

A bit late but here is my first participation in any Banner Challenge. This is a lot of fun. Uh-oh..."P" is already due tomorrow. I had better get busy!~Cindy
My first banner


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