Today marks the one year anniversary of my blog!!

To celebrate this auspicious occasion, there will be a fireworks extravaganza just down the street from my house tonight! How cool is that??!! (Oh, wait....they do that every year about this time.....moving on......)

Since we will be RVing this weekend, I will use the great outdoors for inspiration and create a piece in honor of my blogoversary and give it away to a commenter on this post. (....because I didn't plan ahead and have something already prepared....moving on....) Seems like a celebratory thing to do! I won't have the drawing until Monday morning, at which time I will post the piece along with the winner's name. Two surprises in one!! Surprise who wins, surprise what you win! The excitement is already building!

Over the past year, I have 'met' some great people in the blogosphere. (Thanks to all 5 of you that stop by.) I have participated in many fantastic challenges that have helped me grow as an 'artist'. (Although I can't seriously refer to myself as an artist.) I even hosted a couple of challenges and a swap. Because of this blogging experience, I have created much more that I would have. This first year has been a fun-filled art-filled one and I eagerly look forward to more good times and many great challenges in the year ahead. And who knows, I might even get crazy and host another swap!

I leave you with two books completed during that past year.


Nigel's Mom said...

Both of those book covers are cool but Rust and Roses is awesome! Congratulations on your one year anniversary. You go, you web logger you!

Linda said...

Congratulations! And i love your two covers. I've only done one altered book and had the hardest time with the cover.

Enjoy your RVing!

Michael said...


Dana enjoyed seeing you the other day. Sorry you didn't get to see the girls. We all got to see Amy and Greg and the kids at the fireworks show Thursday night. I can't believe how big Alan is. Congrats on a year!

Kristin said...

Congratulations! :)
I love those books.

~*~Patty said...

Congratulations on your first blogovesary! Your books look really special!


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