Conquering Art

While browsing some of my favorite art blogs, it became urgent that I create a page. Looking is not Doing!

This page was inspired by the prompt I saw here: "Do what you are afraid to do." I am afraid of 'messing up'. I sometimes place elements too carefully so as not to cover another element. I want to create with more abandon and freedom. For some reason for me that translates into fast, which is not altogether the method I am looking for. But it's a start. My vision is that collage and altered art is more expression, less precision.

For this layout, I began by covering the pages in paper scraps. Next came a couple of acrylic washes. More gluing. Stamping. Chalking. Stenciling. And finally fibers, ribbons and such. I intentionally avoided flourishes and buttons. Another fear to conquer--journaling. Since this piece has no focal point, I explained why in the journaling, thus making it the focal point. This page, as noted, was a very satisfying experience.


Nigel's Mom said...

Judging by the completed product, I would say abandonment works! Do you think a planned page or a page such as this one, created more spontaneously represents one's artistic self more accurately? I sometimes wonder this when I am making jewelry. Sometimes I just make something without a plan but not often. I like this page very much.

Amy said...

Fun piece to look at and see what you can find! Also fun to read about. Thanks for sharing!

Linda said...

I love this! Collage is not my forte but I wish it was! I've got to start working on it. So hard to let go!

Fantastic job and I like your journaling!

Dianne said...

Wow! love the AB spread...thanks for linking to my blog. I know what you mean about "looking is not doing..." Online time can eat up the time that I could be doing art! Keep up the great work!

Heather Robinson said...

I love your description of what inspired you to create this spread and how you created it. The effect is beautiful and the fact that you are facing a fear is commendable!


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