Boldness in Orange

There is just something about the color orange that appeals to me. I started liking it rather suddenly it seemed several years ago. It is just so versatile, so bright, so warm.

When I sat down to a blank page the other day, my hand reached for the orange acrylic paint. Many times if I don't know where to start, I start with orange. (The other times of indecision I start with pink, in case you haven't noticed.)

Prowling through my picture files, I found this vibrant blue butterfly. Don't you love how it pops off the page? Building around these two elements, the orange and the butterfly, this bold page came to be.

I have accumulated 5 alphabet stamps--I used four on this layout. Taking a cue from my friend
Linda, I incorporated some postage stamps. They are her signature piece. I have many in my file, but seldom use them.

A new white pen was burning a hole in my supply box, so you might see a little pen work here and there.


Kristin said...

I really like this page. :)

Nigel's Mom said...

I love the orange. I can't really think of a color I do not like. The orange gives the music an antiqued appearance. I like contrasts too; the bright, blue butterfly is the focal point.

carolann said...

beautiful pages hun so bright and cheerful well done hun xxxxx

RubyMay said...

Brilliant work Lisa....I am useless with orange so its lovely to see what you've done and be inspired ! You've done some gorgeous pages lately hun...I've been having a browse ....wonderful work x

Linda Jacobs said...

If this page were music, it would be a big marching band! I remember those Chinese New Year stamps. Love the colors and it goes so well on this page.

BTW, I love coincidences! I received the pennants on Monday and one of them had a Shakespeare quote on it. On Tuesday I started teaching that same "Seven Ages of Man" speech to one of my classes! Kismet! I'm going to take the pennant in tomorrow to show the kids.

Tammy said...

I love the boldness of the orange and the faded look of the music notes. The butterfly pops at you making you smile! It's a very couragous page. Lovely work as usual. =) Thank you for dropping by my blog and leaving a comment regarding my little girl painting. I now consider her done!


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