In which my co-workers wonder, "Maybe it's Maybelline?"

I wear Maybelline Intense XXL mascara. It is a two step process: a coat of white "volumizing" substance, followed by the black mascara coat.

In a mad dash yesterday, I stopped with just the first coat.

I had white eyelashes. All. day. long.

And nobody said a word.


Linda Jacobs said...

I'm sitting here cracking up! I can just see those white lashes! Everyone must have thought you were starting a new fad!

Nigel's Mom said...

It could be they really liked the white eyelashes.

Linda Jacobs said...

Did you notice that both you and Amy started your latest blog titles with "In Which"? Like mother like daughter!

Tammy said...

That sure made me laugh! Now I have to try it myself! =)

Barbara Hagerty said...

Thank you for the *big* laugh!!

It sounds just like something I would do, given all the distractions I have to deal with in a day, and how bad I am at jumping seamlessly from one thing to the next! Be sure and let us know how many people you see in the next few days who have copied your fashion trend!

Stop by my blog....I have a question for you to answer, and then pass along!


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