Behold! What lovely pennants!

Eight of us arty blogging gals recently got together to do a pennant swap. The theme for this one was "fragrance names". Here is a sample of the incredible pennants created. If you were in this swap and have posted your completed banner, leave a link to your post in the comments.

Thanks Ariane, Amy, Barbara, Cindy, Linda, Lisa M. and Ruby Mae. You ladies are what made this a great swap!!


Linda Jacobs said...

Here are the ones I received and I love them all! It must have been so hard for you to divvy them up!


Thanks, again, for hosting!

Nigel's Mom said...

This was another wonderful experience sponsored by Lisa. Please go see the pennants I received at Cindy's Site.

Ariane said...

OMG! I cant talk myself out of this one... or maybe I can? I'm so sorry for not responding after I got your gorgeous banners!!! We were, at the time I got them, rennovating the house (we still are, but not as messy anymore) So I tucked those banners into a drawer so they wouldn't get all dusty. I didn't have time to work in my studio for a couple of weeks and completley forgot about the banners! So, cleaning out drawers this week I found them - and felt sooo guilty! I just hung them on the wall of my studio, you can see the banner here:

Thank you so much for these wonderful pieces of art - I enjoy looking at them. And from now on they shall stay on the wall - never again in a drawer!!!
Love, Ariane


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