When I saw the artwork above at one of Alan's clinic visits, I was very intrugued and made a mental note of it. Okay, I made a couple of written notes, too. Mainly so I wouldn't not ever think of it again, ya' know? A few days later, when I rummaged across the scrap of paper in my purse, I conjured up the mental notes and created my version of the piece:

The next time we were at clinic, I snapped a photo of my inspiration piece. Not surprisingly, I discovered I had not remembered a lot of details. (The old mental notebook is now a loose leaf binder.) Side by side, mine looks rather ........sparse...... unfinished...... Now that I have a photo I've refreshed my memory, I'm thinking about adding some finishing touches to my cat version. Some of their wacky original elements like maybe a door and some leaves........... Would that be cheating?


Nigel's Mom said...

No, it wouldn't be cheating. That would be called "augmentation". However, I must tell you with the greatest degree of sincerity, I really LOVE your CAT more than the source's of inspiration rabbit.

Linda Jacobs said...

Yours is much prettier! It is uncluttered and the colors are vibrant! And I don't even like cats! LOL


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