Playing with Purple

I recently did a swap with Donna.  I learned from her that when she swaps postcard art they travel through the mail like a regular postcard with no envelope.  I found that fascinating.  She also challenged me to make some.  And now I've done just that!   I want to make more and trade them!!
While I was at it, I whipped out this ATC.  I like the simplicity of it.


Linda Jacobs said...

Purple is a playful color, isn't it?

I like how the little girl is in a bubble. It looks like she's floating in kool-aid!

And, yes, the simplicity of the ATC makes it more elegant. I like how you snipped the corner off, too!

Tammy said...

You've been so very busy! Let me know when the board book arrives. I hope it wont' take to horribly long, but if it does, consider it decontaminated! Your work is so pretty and you have such a way with putting composition together. =) If this chicky isn't better at weeks end I'm making an appointment to see my Dr. ~ my stamina is non existent. =/


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