Birdie, birdie

Feeling a little digital today.
Also feeling the purple, so the background was chosen first.
Picked a totally random paper to accent the bottom strip.
All this activity conjured up the need for a focal point--
that's when the bird came in.

After adding the details, the digital tearing and layering began.

This is not the first time this little bird has found his way onto my digital palette.
There must be something about him I like.
When looking for another diggie to post, because I like posting in pairs,
I found this same birdie on a piece I did some while back.

Same bird, two totally different looks.

I like that in a graphic, clothes, and even jewelry.

Versatility is my middle name.


Amy said...

I loved the first one until I saw the second one. It's beautiful!

Love the flower behind his/her ... ear? That's one fashionable bird!

Cindy said...

I love the digis. I especially love the blue eggs. I am about ready to clean out my craft room and go completely digital. I just have so much fun with it.

Marilyn Rock said...

Love your digi art with your bird. I can see why you're drawn to it; has a wonderful expression of contentment. I also enjoyed your photos of your visit to your country property!

Sheri said...

I love these!! As you know, I am enamored with bluebirds. You are so talented!!


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