Walking home.....

.....and what I saw along the way.

We walked up to my folks' house last night for a little family event.  I had my camera with me.  These are some images I captured on the way home.

The neighborhood is decked out for the 4th.

My photoshop attempt at vintage analog,
(the Hipstamatic App, et al)

Muted with textures and edits.

I so admire photographs taken by some of you of ordinary things that you see every day, but shown to us in a creative artistic way.  I have been known to grumble inwardly that I don't have anything interesting/pretty/artistic to photograph, but then I realize the photos I enjoy most are of things that are common to the photographer, just brought to new life by the camera lens and editing software.

This is a house that I have passed so many times it is invisible to me. But on this night I was looking with photographer's eye and was pleasantly surprised. 

Which makes me wonder:  what else is there that I'm not seeing?

That sounds to me like a challenge to myself.  I'll use this blog as accountability and show you what I discover!


Kristin said...

I love your edits! Keep going!

Linda Jacobs said...

Great eye you have! I can't get enough flags. I'm always trying to include them in my pictures but haven't gotten creative in post processing like this. I really like it! And the flare makes that house seem so warm and welcoming! Love that huge bokeh in the last one! Makes me want to grab my camera and go out to capture the fog this morning...of course, then I'd have to get dressed and leave my comfy couch! LOL

Cindy said...

I love the edits particularly the last one of the flag. Plus, like Linda, I agree that orb is great! I can think of a million things you must have in your house that would make fantastic subjects for your photos...a lamp finial, a beautiful doorknob, that super beautiful fireplace you have...imagine all black and white except for a beautiful red rose on a vase on the mantel. Millions of things!


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