More practice in still life


Sharpened. Adjusted white balance. A bit harsh?

Ran Soulful Evanescent  action.
Added Kim Klassen texture Colorstained Frame

Just some 'afters'

After I had taken it all down, I wished I had taken a picture of the mixed up, stacked up, propped up 'studio' I created for these shots. It was a pretty funny mess behind the scenes.  But the finished product is what matters, right?


Cindy said...

I like that one that is sharpened and adjusted white balance. Something about it looks shimmery to me. I am working on an art piece too. I had to drag out some paint. It is drying between treatments. I hope it turns out well. I am having fun with it. It could be my new niche!

Linda Jacobs said...

Right! And I'm liking your finished products ver much!


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