The question: Why?

This post has been brewing in my head for a few days now in answer to the question that has also been brewing:

Why do I blog?

I love blogs.  I read a LOT of them.  Daily.  Many different kinds. These various blogs have taught me, inspired me, entertained me.   I would say I have greatly benefited from blogs.

Why do I blog?

My first foray into the blogosphere several years ago was when search of other altered book/mixed media artists I discovered this interesting medium, this personal web presence.  Soon I wanted to join them so I started my own little blog, posting pages from my altered books, taking part in challenges.

I actually rocked along quite a while with the art thing--making and posting.  Altered books, mixed media, ATC's challenges, swaps, round robins, digital art. Later on some other crafts and DIY projects began showing up. Most recently I have been posting some random photography projects.

It was my conscious decision not to post personal stories.  For one thing, I'm pretty private.  For another, there are not a lot of blog-worthy events in my life.  And if there were, see #1 above.

I do not have a voice:

Not in the art world, the craft world, the decorating world.
Not in the cooking world
Not even to keep distant family abreast.
I'm not a fashionista with tips,
a mommy blogger with sweet anecdotes,
or a homeschooler with ideas and encouragement.
I offer up no support or experience.
I'm certainly not a writer.
Thankfully, I'm not chronicling  a journey through a difficult time or illness.

I do not contribute to the greater good, educate, entertain or inspire.
If I don't contribute, what is the point in blogging?

I don't have a soapbox to crawl up on. I will confess my Savior and defend my faith, but otherwise I tend to keep my thoughts and opinions to myself.  (Unless asked for and only then in a tight circle.)

Why do I blog? What if I didn't?

The point of all this is not to elicit pity, create drama or seek advice, but rather an exercise in 'blogging out loud', which is kind of ironic in itself. Just an honest assessment of some personal thoughts.  I'm not sure I can do it.  Who knows?  I might like it.  :)

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