"Celebrate the Freedom to Play"

This month at A Colorful Journey's February Let's Play Link Party,
we are challenged to give some love to our neglected art supplies, things that 
have found the bottom of the drawer or worked their way to the back of the shelf.

I rummaged around and found my chalk pastels, an older, less used 
text stamp, and an old heart stencil.  Using them and some new favorites
I created the fun Valentine themed page.

I had fun mixing water with the chalks, watching them get all "watercolorey"
I had forgotten about all the pretty colors in my chalk box. We do tend to get in the 
habit of using certain things and forget about others. I just may leave these chalks out
on my table for a while and see where else they might turn up.

Supply list:

Chalk pastels
Stabilo-all pencil
Script rubberstamp
Acrylic paints
Heart stencil
Spackling paste
Sharpie marker

Let's Play!


Zsuzsa Karoly-Smith said...

Love your colour-blocking technique! I did't realize you can wet chalk pastels like that. Will have to give it a try! Happy Sunday!

Carolyn Dube said...

Your art journal spread is so happy, so uplifting, and full of play! So happy you're a part of Let's Play!


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