Who makes yellow hearts??

Well, it seems I did.

I don't know why, really.  I had a background and it seemed to
call for yellow.  Never mind that I also had a heart stencil in my hand.

While I was stenciling and trying to cover up the background,
 I made a discovery that I already knew. 
 Yellow is a very translucent color.  As I continued
to add more hearts to the page, I told myself: 
These yellow hearts will always be translucent.

That phrase ended up on the page.

Because it's true.  

But as I painted and pondered, a deeper interpretation
of that phrase began to form.

You see:


So if A and B are true, then we can reason
that happy hearts always let the light in.

Or could it be the inverse:  Hearts that let The Light in
will be happy hearts.  

I think so. 

John 8:12
"Jesus said...'I am the Light of the World.'"

So much truth on one journal page. 


Craft paints
homemade stamp
archival ink
black NeoColor II
silver gel pen
embossing powder


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