Back to our regularly scheduled programing

I think it is prudent that we put all that angst and creepiness
 (see last post, if you dare) behind us.  Shall we?
I know I've gotten it out of my system!

I've spent the last week in front of the TV 
cheering for USA (and sometimes Canada)
but always with my laptop in my lap.
(Isn't that a clever place for it?)

Anyway, while skiing, skating and luging, I have also been creating.

background: Freubel Art



Cindy said...

These two are so beautiful and so very different from shall I dare say it...the mole! I especially love the topmost one with the lady on the pillow. She looks like she is in a villa one would find in France or Italy. I love it!

Linda Jacobs said...

Multi-tasking! Good idea! These are so creative!


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